Extended team. In-house experience

Loomni saves you the cost of hiring full-time employees while giving you full control over your dedicated extended marketing team.


1. Get your growth plan

Chat with a growth expert who’ll customize a growth marketing plan for your business and agree with you on costs and other details.


2. Start immediately

Meet with your growth manager and your extended team members who’ll execute on your growth marketing plan.


3. Stay in control

Communicate with your extended team anytime for feedback, regular progress updates, or just to check in.

Growth experts from top tech companies

Loomni growth and marketing experts worked at tech giants, and helped hundreds of top startups around the world


Multi-disciplinary expertise at your disposal

Your cross-functional team of marketing experts will execute growth strategies and tactics used by Silicon Valley’s top companies.


Analytics & Attribution

We’ll set up (or fix) analytics and tracking, to measure the right business and marketing metrics and build reports to track your business success.


Paid user acquisition

We’ll acquire the right users for your product from paid acquisition channels such as Facebook, Google Search, Twitter or the Display network etc.,


Free User Acquisition

We’ll launch free and organic marketing channels such as PR, SEO, Content Marketing, social media, ASO…


User Activation

We’ll optimize your user flows and you product’s user experience to deliver a high user activation rate


User Retention

We’ll set up the right engagement, and remarketing tactics to bring users back to your product.


Campaigns optimization

We’ll optimize your conversions rates and unlock optimization opportunities to increase your ROI


Marketing Automation

We’ll set up the proper marketing automation tools and create automated campaigns to scale your marketing.



We’ll draft persuasive copy and headlines that will be used in all marketing channels.

Hiring marketing talent shouldn’t be hard

Loomni combines elite talent with intelligent tools to make hiring marketing teams way more affordable and reliable.

Avoid wasting time in sourcing talent

No need to waste time recruiting top talent or sourcing freelancers. Loomni experts are carefully vetted and available immediately.

Team of experts instead of one

Loomni offers you the performance of a full multi-disciplinary team of experts at less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Dedicated growth manager

Your growth managers will design your strategy and manage all your marketing team and make sure your projects run smoothly.

Multi-disciplinary team for you

Your team typically includes a growth manager, a copywriter, a data-analyst, a campaign manager, a designer and others as needed.

Avoid employment costs

With Loomni, you don’t need to worry about expensive (and hidden) costs associated with hiring full time employees.

Start immediately

Our intelligent process allows you to start marketing your product within hours, not days or weeks.

We’ve Got Your Back!

Trusting someone else to grow your product is scary.

We’ve been there. That’s why we built Loomni.


Guaranteed Results

We want to form long-lasting relationships with our clients. And so, we’ll never walk away before resolving your problem.

Quality Assured

Our experts are carefully vetted to offer specialized support in broad range of growth and marketing areas.

Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with the results, we offer full money back no questions asked policy.

Multi-disciplinary team for you

Our intelligent process is optimized to quickly match you with the right expert to solve your problem.