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Program Main Topics

1. Anatomy of Growth

In this section we teach you essential topics in growth such as the 3 stages of growth and the metrics you need to define and monitor to track your app growth.

2. Analytics & Attribution Implementation

Setting up mobile analytics and attribution tools the right way is key to track your growth and understand how users use your app. In this section we tell you great deal about mobile analytics, attribution and deep linking tools and how to set them up correctly.

3. Understand Users with Mobile Analytics

Learn how to use mobile analytics to understand who your users are, how they behave in your app, and discover the reasons why some user come back and other churn. To be able to do that, We will teach user segmentation, funnel analysis and cohort analysis to unlock great growth insights.

4. Set Up Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA)

You learn in this section what MMA is, tools you can use, how to set it up and launch automation campaigns. We walk you through live demo using CleverTap tool so that you learn how to do it yourself.

5. Master Google & Facebook Advertising

You will learn how to get the right users to your app from Google, Facebook and Instagram. By end of this section you will have all the knowledge and how-tos to start app Installs and Engagement (Retargeting) campaigns, and how to optimize these campaigns against activation and retention metrics.

6. Acquire Users Through Free Channels

Whether you have a marketing budget or you don’t, you must have strong Free and Organic marketing channels. In this section we will teach you how to design, measure and optimize Viral Loops. And how to how to grow your app through Referral Marketing, Content Marketing, App Store Optimization. We will also teach you how to use PR effectively to spread the word about your app.

7. Define & Optimize User Activation

Learn how to discover the one metric that your entire growth relies on by using advanced user segmentation, funnel analysis and cohort analysis. You will also learn to optimize your activation metric by implementing an integrated marketing activation campaigns.

8. Increase User Retention

The last section of this course is dedicated to retention. We explain to you retention and the metrics you must track to evaluate your entire app success. We explain important concepts such as user Lifetime Value and Churn Rate. We also teach you how to use Mobile Marketing Automation to increase your app’s engagement and retention.

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